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Plastic-free and made to last. Our modern beach toys are made from soft, durable, and easy-to-clean silicone making them travel-friendly and perfect for your next beach adventure.

Features & details

  • Looking for a Modern Beach Toy Set? This silicone beach toy set is excellent for children to use at the beach, pool and bath! Durable, endlessly reusable and 100% free of nasties like BPA, they are a modern alternative to traditional plastic toys.
  • Travel Friendly - Packing this bucket, scoop and 6 fun shapes + sea creature molds is a breeze. Made from soft and flexible silicone, you can stuff everything in the bucket and into your suitcase or toss them in the back of the car to the beach/park etc. without having to worry about it cracking or taking up too much space. Each set also comes with a handy cotton travel beach bag for extra convenience.
  • Versatile - This set contains all the essentials for keeping your children engaged for hours. Just sit back and relax as your children use the silicone molds to make fun shapes in the sand, build castles and dig moats. Easy to clean, you can use them in the bath, with your toddler's sensory bin collection, and as an Easter basket to unlock year-round fun.
  • Modern Design - This silicone beach set has a premium soft feel and matte finish that looks stylish and is easy for little hands to hold.
  • Dimensions - Each set contains one of the following: bucket/pail: 6.9" W x 10.23" H; small shovel: 10.23 L ; dolphin: 3.94" L; starfish: 3.5" W; sea turtle: 3.93" W; sunrise shell: 3.42" W; W; crab: 3.93” W; rainbow: 3.93” W; a cotton mesh tote bag.